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Studio Portraits: Chong Family

By 13/05/2013October 17th, 20134 Comments

Taking on this shoot for the lovely Chong family reminded me a lot of the season in my life where I used to work at Vital Years, where I needed to connect with boisterous and fun toddlers. Little Ethan is cheeky, playful and loves singing. Little Katelyn is shy in the beginning, but is a ball of energy once the ice is broken. Baby Isaac is simply adorable. It must be a handful for parents, Adrian & Michelle!


Here are some of my favourites from the shoot:




Katelyn decides to be in mummy’s shoes!


Half-way through the shoot, the family decides to take a short break and fed Isaac. He fell asleep shortly after! So we took the opportunity to pose him nude!


He’s such a cutie, isn’t he? *melts*

There was a lot of singing, fun and laughter during the shoot. I had such a good time  connecting with the family. When the session is done, Ethan sheepishly walked towards the door to shut it before opening his arms for a hug. Ahhh, moments like these are really previous to me! Thanks for such a memorable shoot. :)


Photographer: Diane

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  • Adrian Chong says:

    Thanks Diane and Grace!!! Compliments on the photos and warmest regards!

  • darren says:

    Such an adorable kids and a loving parents. Thanks for sharing their family to us. looking forward for another blog like this showing family that happily living together. Have a great day from adelaide finger food..

  • Chuck Warren says:

    A very beautiful and loving family. The kids are so adorable. Baby Isaac is such a cutie.

    Thank you for sharing this adorable and loving family to us.
    I love your pictures and its effects.
    Looking forward for the next update.
    have a good day! :D

  • Finger Food Catering Sydney says:

    These kids are all adorable. These parents are so lucky to have these 3 little Angels. I hope they grow up well.
    Thanks for sharing these pictures to us. You have such talent just keep it up!
    Two Thumbs up from us here.
    We will be looking forward for the updates of this Blog.

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