Since this blog is mainly managed and written by me, Grace, I thought that it’d be great if the readers of this blog could get to know the people behind the Stories family a little better. I am really thankful for these amazing group of people who have been ever so supportive and working oh-so-hard to make sure everything is in order!

Today, we’re featuring Diane… probably the very first person you’ll come into contact with whenever you call the Stories line or email us through our website. She has been working with us for 2 years now and is a crucial link to everything because she communicates with everyone before and after a shoot. Diane is a bubbly person whose laugh matches her personality. She can speak to anyone and everyone, and lights up a room just by her presence (and singing, sometimes!). The photos featured here were taken by Diane. Read on about her!

1. Describe what you do at Stories and what you love about your role as a Studio Manager and Photographer.

As the Studio Manager, I am the bridge and communicator between the clients and the team. I am also the one replying all your emails and calls. I enjoy knowing our clients personally – to know their different personalities, hear about the things they have planned for their weddings and hear their excitement for their own weddings. I also shoot family portraits for Stories.

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2. Why do you enjoy shooting family portraits?

Growing up, my dad was an avid photographer. Being the only one in my family (and extended) to own a camera at that time, he took on the responsibility to document memories on film. These images documented are precious- they are events that one cannot recreate (like a child’s first birthday party, first swimming lesson, or first day at school). With that, I grew up knowing that these moments are important. Similarly, I want to create good moments for our clients to remember. I guess in that sense, I am proud to continue this so-called “legacy” that my dad has started, especially so now that he doesn’t shoot anymore.


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3. What was your most exciting / memorable experience with Stories?

Oh, too many! From travelling to Krabi for Nick & Lina’s pre-wedding shoot, to shooting Catherine and Bobo’s Myanmar wedding… to getting thank you emails from clients. But I can tell you that one of the most satisfying feeling I’ve gotten was getting John & Tiffany’s deliverables sent to Hong Kong on time. It was one of those weddings where we had to work with a tight dateline and I was very worried that I was not able to deliver as promised. When I got the email saying they have received the parcel and was very happy with it, I was able to breathe and smile again. So very glad that it all worked out fine!

4. Share with us a funny story that you experienced.

Not exactly the funniest, but I reversed my car right into a pillar after a looooooong day’s work. I now have that dent to remember that faithful day. Haha.

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5. Share with us 2 personal things about yourself.

As much as I enjoy company and socializing, I also enjoy a quiet night at home having my hot tea, a good book in my hand and my cat sleeping next to me. I also have a thing for good musicals and my mom’s cooking.

6. What was the most challenging experience you had photographing a family session.

Even with my past experience teaching young children at a literacy centre, I still sometimes fail at connecting with some children, unfortunately. This personality-misfit situation has caused me to try even harder to make them comfortable with me. There was once I had to photograph 3 siblings with all 3 significantly different characters. It was challenging to get all 3 of them to do things together- by the time I got one’s attention, I lost the other 2. Somehow the shoot came out alright, thankfully!

7. What are 3 words to describe you as a person.

Idealistic, huggable and giggle-too-much

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