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How strange it is that the older we grow, we realize we’ve never truly left our youth? When my dad was in his 70s, he kept telling us stories of when he was in Kirby College, how he almost got frostbite during a particularly cold winter. Last year, I also celebrated my brother’s 50th birthday…and during that celebration, we partied like he was 20. I am also reminded of my 50+ year old aunt turning 60, but still doing bunny ears in photos.

I sometimes wonder if each of us really does have an inner child within us, even though our exterior doesn’t say so.

Joanne recently hit a huge milestone in her life. She turned 30. An age where you begin to feel that you have this idea of identity all figured out in your life. The 20s is an age where you discover the world is your oyster… you can do almost anything you want in life. Almost. (If only money was not a problem!)

But in your 30s… you feel more secure, confident, and wiser. I like how Joanne puts it…

“I wanted to do this photo shoot cause I’d like to have something physical to look back on, as the years pass me by. At 30, i feel wiser than i was at 20. At the same time, i know I’ve still got some way to go, and life has lots more to teach me. What’s in the year/years ahead?”

Joanne, I hope the years ahead will bring you to more places than you’ve ever dreamed was possible. I hope you also never lose your inner child. One that has innocence and wonder at the world around us. May God bless your journey.

20131210_PORTRAITS_JOANNE_023   20131210_PORTRAITS_JOANNE_005






Oh, and thank you Sihowe for making a teeny weeny appearance in our photo shoot and for the ice cream that you paid with Joanne’s money! Haha! Always helps to have a boyfriend around. :)

20131210_PORTRAITS_JOANNE_055  20131210_PORTRAITS_JOANNE_014

If you’d like to read a little of Joanne’s reflection on life written some time back, head over here.

Photographers: Grace & Diane