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Family Portraits: Albert, Serina & Alyssa

By 20/02/2014No Comments

My first ever contact with Albert and Serina happened during a time when I was just a baby in the wedding photography industry. I hardly had any portfolio under my belt, and yet, they chose to hire us to cover their wedding. It was my first time too at Banker’s Club. What blew me away during their wedding was their beautiful first dance and performances that entertained the guests through out the night. Waltzes, flamenco… it almost made me dance too! We ended the night consuming lots of delicious strawberry fondue.

After the epic wedding, I had the privilege of photographing Serina again at a dance studio. She was moving to Kuching to set up her own dance studio (Albert’s expertise is Jiu-Jitsu, which is another successful business altogether!). We had a great time as she twirled in her belly dancing costume, looked stunning in her flamenco outfit, and jazz danced for the camera.

Fast forward to 2014. It is a true story of a client turned friend. I am so glad to have developed a friendship with this wonderful couple. Many of those who know them would testify  that they are an incredibly talented and giving couple. Truly a blessing to know them.

In December 2012, my daughter Krysta and their daughter Alyssa were born just one day apart of each other. Alyssa picked the better date and came out on 12.12.12. One year later, I am pleased to have been part of their family history, yet again.



Photographer: Grace

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