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Behind the Scenes: Pre-wedding of Adrian & Pei Hwa

By 03/03/2014No Comments

It’s always fun doing videos like these because it gives clients an insight on what goes on at our pre-wedding shoot. Before a portrait session, most of my conversations with potential clients sound like this:

“I don’t know how to pose.”
“I hate taking photos.” (usually the men say this!)
“My fiance doesn’t know how to smile.” (the women usually say this!)
“Or he’s very kakuread: stiff and unnatural
“We’re just ordinary people.”

Perfect! That makes all of our clients! Honestly, you shouldn’t feel insecure or worried, but be assured that the professional photographer you hired will make you feel comfortable and look great. We know it’s probably the first ever professional photo shoot you’ve ever done. And if you’re female, you probably have 20 dress options because you can’t decide what to wear for the session.


We’ll help you plan, and on that day, we’ll just have fun. :) Trust me, even the kaku guys end up looking awesome!

View Adrian and Pei Hwa’s pre-wedding photos here.

Credits: Filmed & Edited by: Felicia

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