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Portraits of Soh Family

By 13/03/2014No Comments

Cindy is one meticulous mom, she made sure that communication between the both of us are clear. I remember my initial contact with her regarding the shoot we added each other on Facebook so that I can get to know her family better. And true enough, her love for her family spills over, especially for her very adorable little girl, Qing Qing, who was turning 1 year old.

20131028_FAMILY_PORTRAIT_ARTHUR_CINDY_90It was also JuJu, Cindy’s sister in law’s graduation from UKM. When she told me she graduated from studying dentistry, I am suddenly reminded that I need to visit my own dentist soon. *shudders*

20131028_FAMILY_PORTRAIT_ARTHUR_CINDY_23Qing Qing was possibly one of the easiest babies I have photographed. There’s no fuss – other than getting a little whiny after being kissed gazillion times (who wouldn’t want to kiss those chubby cheeks, I mean, com’on!), she just smiles sweetly.

20131028_FAMILY_PORTRAIT_ARTHUR_CINDY_46 copyMust be Arthur’s stubble- Qing Qing’s feeling the tickle!

20131028_FAMILY_PORTRAIT_ARTHUR_CINDY_58 copyLater we dressed Qing Qing in a tutu and I think she totally rocked it with her cuteness!

20131028_FAMILY_PORTRAIT_ARTHUR_CINDY_83 copy20131028_FAMILY_PORTRAIT_ARTHUR_CINDY_79 copyAnd here’s one of everyone. 20131028_FAMILY_PORTRAIT_ARTHUR_CINDY_65 copyI hope you had a good time being part of the shoot, Arthur and Cindy! Thank you and your family for being so easy to work with. I am honoured to hear that the photos are in everyone’s phone and on your desktop, I am very glad you love photos. :)

Photographer: Diane
Location: Stories Studio

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