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Julia is a dear friend who shares the same faith, (almost) same passion in scuba diving – she is definitely more passionate on this one, and is someone who is fiercely loyal when it comes to friendships. I truly appreciate all the years of sharing our hearts out, our makan sessions, and fun trips with the cell group to Taman Negara etc.

It was a beautiful sunny morning when we headed out to a nearby park for some family portraits. Her family hadn’t done something like this for years… so naturally Julia was a little hesitant about how the photos would turn out! I totally understand that if you’re used to taking photos in a studio with a tie-dyed background, these kind of portraits would be something out of your comfort zone. My first ever professional family portrait was taken when I was 21, so yeah, I know how it feels!

But everyone had a blast, and Julia’s family was easy to photograph. It was entirely our pleasure, Julia. :)


Photographers: Grace & Weiming

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