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It was Christmas a few years ago when I first met Aaron. Jamie had brought him to our church cell group Christmas party, and naturally, all of us were really curious about ‘who’ he really was. Soon, Aaron became a permanent fixture in our weekly Wednesday group. Very quickly, he was ‘approved’ and loved by all of us. They are both naturally talented in music, as they serve in DUMC’s worship ministry faithfully. As a couple, they fit like 2 pieces of jigsaw puzzle made for each other. Both equally passionate about God, responsible and faithful in all they do.

Aaron and Jamie, congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I am truly blessed to have gotten to know the both of you so well over the past few years. May God bless your marriage beyond what you can imagine, and may you find many exciting adventures as you travel along this road of life.

Since Aaron is from Ipoh, we took the opportunity to photograph some of these scenes near Ipoh and on the grounds of the Ipoh Turf Club.



Enjoy a special fusion slideshow we created for their pre-wedding, filmed and edited by Felicia.

Aaron & Jamie: Pre-Wedding Fusion Slideshow from Stories on Vimeo.


Photographer: Grace
Videographer: Felicia
Location: Ipoh Turf Club & surrounding areas

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