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Lifelong Travel Partners: The Wedding of Tjin & Dawn

By 29/05/2014 2 Comments

It was in January 2011 that Tjin met Dawn for the first time through his close friend, Lynsey. Lynsey and Dawn were close, childhood friends in Singapore. Interestingly, Tjin and Dawn’s first point of contact was an unintentional ‘romantic’ Singapore river cruise overlooking Singapore’s city lights. So, Facebook did it again… it connected Tjin and Dawn after that first encounter in Singapore. Their Facebook messages soon turned to Whatsapp messages which then transformed to Skype calls.

This is where it gets interesting. Since 5th January 2011, Tjin and Dawn communicated EVERY SINGLE day, whether it was early in the morning or late at night. But it was a grey kind of relationship for the first 6 months. Were they friends, or were they friends? It would seem obvious though that Tjin’s purchases of flowers for Valentine’s day and whenever Dawn was sick would indicate more than just a friendship. But still, it was not really clear.

Over the first 6 months, they grew to like each other’s personalities and qualities…but one thing was missing… meeting that ‘head’ image with a more concrete ‘face-to-face’ encounter. So June 2011, Tjin decided to make a trip to Singapore, and together with friends, they embarked on this Singapore – KL – Lombok – Hong Kong – Singapore adventure. It was during that trip that Tjin decided to end the uncertainty, and asked Dawn to be his girlfriend in Hong Kong.

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_32Tjin made a promise to Dawn that he would visit as often as he can. This resulted in a long list of flights every 2-3 months over three years – becoming Jetstar’s unofficial number one customer. Some trips were long trips to Hanoi, Bali, Seoul or KL. Some trips to Singapore were only 3 nights over the weekend. Many exciting hellos, and equally as many heartbreaking goodbyes. Dawn would also visit Melbourne at least once a year. Story of their lives for 3 years.

So finally, in March 2013, Dawn visited Melbourne and was put on a surprise flight to Launceston, Tasmania. It was there that Tjin asked Dawn to marry him over a romantic dinner. He made a photo scrapbook of their travels and adventure together, but the last 2 pages were blank. It was meant to be continued!

Congratulations, Tjin and Dawn! I am really happy for the both of you! Sorry I couldn’t be there to witness the wedding, but seeing the images taken by Johan and Weiming, and also the video by Nick, Delvin & Felicia made me feel as if I was there.

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_46Watch the Fusion slideshow of their wedding here.

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_0120140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_0220140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_03By the way, Tjin’s dad, Pastor Kee was my pre-marital counsellor and he conducted my own wedding ceremony, so it was lovely to be part of his son’s wedding day.

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_0420140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_05Love the gorgeous detail on Dawn’s gown.

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_06You can tell what kind of theme they had for their wedding!

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_0720140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_0820140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_0920140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_10The wedding ceremony was held at DUMC, the church Tjin grew up in.

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_1120140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_1220140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_1320140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_1420140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_1520140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_1620140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_1720140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_1820140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_1920140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_2020140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_2120140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_2220140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_2320140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_2420140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_2520140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_2620140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_2720140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_2820140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_2920140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_3020140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_3120140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_3320140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_34Their dinner reception was held at the Royale Chulan, Damansara.

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_3520140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_3620140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_3720140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_3820140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_39A selfie moment for everyone!

20140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_4020140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_4120140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_4220140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_4320140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_4420140412_WEDDING_TJIN_DAWN_45I was really pleased to hear that Tjin and Dawn loved our photos and the fusion slideshow created for them. Aunty Eng Lih (Tjin’s mom) also said these things to us, which were really cherished!

“You guys are really true storytellers. The slideshow was amazing, and really blended the video and photos so well. We love Johan, Weiming and the rest of the team too! They were really wonderful. Well done!”


Photographers & Videographers: Stories.my Team (Johan, Weiming, Nick, Delvin, Felicia)
Church Ceremony: Dream Centre (DUMC)
Dinner Reception & Cake: The Royale Chulan Damansara
Wedding Gown: BeYOUtiful Bridal House, Singapore
Shoes: Pedro
Make up & hair: Stacey Bridal Make up
Decoration: Friends & DUMC wedding team
Graphic Design: Timothy Siew (friend)
Flowers at dinner: Summer Pots Florist
Dinner Entertainment: Urban Tribe Music & Eddie Wen
Wedding Coordinator: Bessie Mak

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