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Sindhi-Bihari Wedding: Dr Nilesh & Dr Neha (Part1)

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If we could sum up Dr Nilesh and Dr Neha’s North Indian wedding in 3 words, it would be fun, loud and colourful. Our photography and videography team spent 4 days with the couple and their equally loud and colourful families, filming their engagement ceremony in Malacca, bhajan & navghari puja ceremonies (prayers), sangeet and wedding day. What really stood out for us was how close-knit the family members were. Everyone from the youngest child to the oldest adult participated wholeheartedly in this epic celebration.


Naturally, with drum beats and Bollywood music pumping the halls, everyone, including the team couldn’t help but move to the beat. People laughing aloud and chatting nineteen to the dozen made this celebration a really fun affair.

Dr Nilesh and Dr Neha met in Manipal during their first year of medical school in 2005. For Nilesh then, it was love at first sight. Who could resist the beautiful Neha… elegant, friendly and LOUD. She had a great smile, and Nilesh was hooked. As a couple, they were spontaneous and playful. On the 24th of August 2013, while 17m underwater near the island of Redang, Nilesh ‘popped’ the question to Neha and she said YES!

I love what Neha said to Nilesh as a Facebook posting on the day of their wedding – “I wish I could do more for you my love… But since you beat me to everything when it comes to my happiness .. All I want to say is I love you…and let’s get totally married..I have a lifetime to try to outdo you..”

Aaaw…can you see the big, fat grin on our faces?

Enjoy part 1 of the photos here – photographed by Weiming & Nigel.
Watch their wedding video highlight here.

The Engagement in Malacca

20140329_ENGAGEMENT_NILESH_NEHA_051220140329_ENGAGEMENT_NILESH_NEHA_055120140329_ENGAGEMENT_NILESH_NEHA_001220140329_ENGAGEMENT_NILESH_NEHA_002320140329_ENGAGEMENT_NILESH_NEHA_004320140329_ENGAGEMENT_NILESH_NEHA_006520140329_ENGAGEMENT_NILESH_NEHA_007420140329_ENGAGEMENT_NILESH_NEHA_0080 The wedding entourage arriving with gifts for Neha’s family. Don’t worry, the baby was not part of the ‘gift’!


All the following events were held in KL. Since we had never photographed these prayer ceremonies before, we had to google for what the events meant! We were really blessed that Dr Nilesh and Dr Neha trusted our team to record all the events of their wedding day.

Soooo…. according to Wikipedia, the bhajan is a type of Hindu devotional song, expressing a love for the Divine.

20140403_NILESH'S_BHAJAN_000120140403_NILESH'S_BHAJAN_005320140403_NILESH'S_BHAJAN_017020140403_NILESH'S_BHAJAN_008720140403_NILESH'S_BHAJAN_011820140403_NILESH'S_BHAJAN_013820140403_NILESH'S_BHAJAN_0240The Sangeet

We’ve photographed a number of sangeets before, so we knew  what to expect here… lots and lots of dancing!! Song after song, performance after performance, it was a night to party!

20140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_003020140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_003120140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_006720140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_013020140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_016320140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_017720140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_019920140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_023920140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_025120140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_0278 Dr Nilesh showed his amazing dance moves, including moonwalking!

20140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_028520140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_038320140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_042120140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_054020140403_SANGEET_NIGHT_0541Navghari Puja Prayer Ceremony

All of these events happened before the main wedding day. One more prayer ceremony to go, and then it’s their main wedding ceremony.

20140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_00920140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_12820140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_13120140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_05720140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_17620140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_18820140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_20920140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_27420140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_28120140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_29120140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_33620140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_34120140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_37420140404_NILESH'S_NAVGHARIPUJA_450We will share the rest of the photos of their wedding day in the next blog post! The celebration continues…


Photographers & Videographers: Stories.my (Weiming, Nigel, Jamie, Nick, Felicia & Eddie)
Wedding Coordinator: Vinod of Art Pro Entertainment
Ceremony Location: Connection @ Nexus
Wedding Gown: Leo’s
Evening gown & Groom’s Attire: Amitbals
Make up & Hair: Sunny Make Up Artist
Decorations: Sacred Vows
Cake: Nexus
Flowers: Nook, Bangsar South
Dinner Entertainment: Aseana Percussion Night

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