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Happy Birthday, dearest!

By 08/07/2014No Comments

20140705_ALEX_BDAY_01aEight years of marriage, 1 kid and a half (coming this 1st November!) later… I can still say that I am a happy and contented woman. Marriage has its ups and downs but I think we have worked through it with gusto and with a priority to always think of each other first with God in the centre.

Happiness to me is not having everything in this world, but to have meaningful, quality relationships with the people I love. I am truly appreciative of the time I have on earth now with the health that I enjoy. Just doing little things like playing peek-a-boo with my daughter Krysta makes me grin like a silly woman. Alex is a great hands-on father and has been my support through the years. I really do love him with all my heart.

Thanks for putting up with all my antics, especially the bits that annoy you the most. :P Let’s continue going on dates till we’re old and grey, ok?


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