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Wedding of Daniel & Alison at Wesley Methodist Church

By 08/09/2014September 9th, 2014One Comment

20140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_0452It was the Easter weekend in Sydney. Daniel and Alison had already met in 2002 as family friends and then again in 2007 when Daniel visited Melbourne with his buddies and ‘coincidentally’ or perhaps, more ‘intentionally’ asked Alison to catch up. So now, it was Alison’s turn to travel to Sydney where Daniel was studying. Everything was still very platonic at this stage, but Daniel had developed some feelings for Alison by then. Somehow, a few things happened during this trip that made it so significant for them as a couple.

While walking along the Darling Harbour, a lady ‘statue’ in disguise randomly picked Daniel and Alison among their friends to come closer to her. In her hand, were some flowers, which she gave them to hold, and placed a flower crown on Alison’s head. In a simple gesture, she indicated for them to hold hands, which they sheepishly did. Then, there was the incident at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Daniel proved he was good at ‘aiming’ when he won a shooting game there and asked Alison to pick a grand prize that she liked. Together, they chose a giant unicorn which she brought back to Melbourne and subsequently to KL where it’s found it’s resting place in Alison’s bedroom till today. (it made an appearance in her wedding photos too!)

20140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_0012Though they were complete opposites in terms of personality (Daniel is the shy, quiet type – we had to work really hard to draw his cute dimples out during the wedding! And Alison’s the talkative, bubbly girl who doesn’t have any problems laughing or showing her expressions)… they worked well as a couple. Despite the distance between Melbourne and Sydney, they kept in touch and realised they had so much in common. After dating over 6 years, Daniel proposed to Alison on 17 December 2013 in Docklands, Melbourne…the place where he brought her on their first dinner date. Happiest day of their lives. And yes, Daniel is pretty good at his aim.

Congratulations, both of you! Be prepared for a whole series of images, taken by Grace, Nigel & Jamie.

20140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_002020140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_002720140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_005820140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_0063Love this family portrait! Alison’s parents were really cute and sporting!

20140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_0076And doesn’t Alison look gorgeous? That bouquet is AMAZING!

20140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_010620140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_017020140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_010820140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_011020140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_013120140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_016220140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_017620140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_019120140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_020020140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_020520140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_024320140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_021220140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_027120140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_028520140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_029720140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_031920140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_035620140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_040120140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_042220140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_042520140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_043320140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_044620140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_044820140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_044220140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_0462We love meeting our previous clients at weddings! Here’s Kenneth and Marie (Marie’s Daniel’s sister) whom I photographed their pre-wedding portraits some time back. Now they’ve got a cute little baby!  

20140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_048420140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_049720140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_052020140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_0597The dinner ballroom at Grand Hyatt, KL was beautifully decorated. We were totally in awe of the stage decorations!  

20140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_064320140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_066120140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_066320140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_064520140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_064820140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_066420140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_066520140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_066720140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_066920140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_079020140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_080720140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_080920140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_082520140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_083220140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_089120140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_089620140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_090820140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_094420140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_100320140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_111020140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_1121A really sweet thing that Daniel did during the dinner was to surprise her with a song performance! The accompanying singers were really good at harmonizing too. It gave us goose bumps! What a romantic way to end the night!  

20140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_104120140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_104620140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_103820140719_WEDDING_DANIEL_ALISON_1053Daniel and Alison, may your days be filled with more romantic songs, hand-holding occasions, and lots of sweet goodness coming your way from on high. Lots of love from the team! 

Alison says: Thank you for the beautiful photos! We absolutely love each and every one of them. The Stories team are indeed talented – Daniel and I are ever grateful to the team for capturing each and every special moment during our wedding weekend. So many magical moments were so beautifully captured. Great job Stories team!! You guys are the BEST team of photographers, hands down :)


Photographers: Grace, Nigel & Jamie
Church Ceremony: Wesley Methodist Church, KL
Dinner Reception: Grand Hyatt, KL
Wedding Planner: Stephen Foong
Evening Gown: DanieLeslie
Groom’s Attire: Lord’s Tailor
Shoes: Bally & Jimmy Choo
Make up & Hair: Doris SP
Decorations: Stephen Foong (church) & Glamweddings (dinner)
Videography: Studio Park
Dinner Entertainment: Duet Concepts

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