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Studio Family Portraits: Elisa, Phil & Eva

By 30/10/2014No Comments

Every parent would share the story of how their child has deviously wrapped them up tightly around his/her little finger, despite the determined declarations that it would never happen. But if we are truly honest with ourselves, we’d tearfully admit that the child is queen. Or king. Yup, just look at that face. Who could ever say no to that kind of cuteness?

20140912_FAMILY_ELISA_PHIL_EVA_083Eva is one lucky baby, adored by her parents Phil & Elisa, her aunt Melisa and grandmum Amina. Even at 3 months of age, she has a personality of her own… cute, cheeky, loves baths but hates onesies that go over her head.

20140912_FAMILY_ELISA_PHIL_EVA_09520140912_FAMILY_ELISA_PHIL_EVA_07120140912_FAMILY_ELISA_PHIL_EVA_03420140912_FAMILY_ELISA_PHIL_EVA_01120140912_FAMILY_ELISA_PHIL_EVA_120Those sunglasses!!


Photographers: Grace & Diane
Location: Stories Studio

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