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Hindu wedding at Shree Lakshmi Temple: Sunil & Belinda

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20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_0282You’ve seen their Singaporean Chinese wedding ceremony and pre-wedding photos, now, presenting part 2 of their wedding celebration held in KL. The wedding celebration carried on in KL with a sangeet, a prayer & oil ceremony called the santh, and culminated with a colourful Hindu wedding ceremony at Shree Lakshmi temple in KL. This wedding video highlight is one of my favourites this year – I enjoy hearing their stories and seeing two different cultures combine through marriage. With the world becoming more connected globally, inter-racial marriages are the norm.

This wedding is unique for me, because in one day, I get to witness:

A Hindu wedding ceremony that resembles a Punjabi wedding
A Chinese tea ceremony where most of the people being served tea are not Chinese
Families speaking Mandarin in typical Indian wear
A dragon dance during the wedding dinner

Oh, and for the record, it was my last wedding shoot before I took a break to deliver my 2nd child!

Photographers: Grace, Nigel & Diane (wedding day), Weiming & Nigel (sangeet and santh)
Videographers: Nick, Chi Yin & Felicia

20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_061020140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_1223Let’s start the party with a sangeet!

20140904_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_SANGEET_22720140904_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_SANGEET_21620140904_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_SANGEET_22820140904_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_SANGEET_26620140904_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_SANGEET_35120140904_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_SANGEET_286And then more fun at the santh, after the official prayers are over! I always enjoy witnessing these oil ceremonies. They are sooo fun! Unfortunately, I wasn’t there on that day.


20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_0083I thought these instructions from Sunil’s relative on how to wear a bangle was hilarious!

20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_001220140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_000520140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_003520140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_0040We’ve photographed many weddings at the Shree Lakshmi Narayan temple, but every one of them is different!

20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_016720140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_016120140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_018720140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_0208The grand entrance always begins with dancing, drum beats and music!

20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_0214Gotta give it to Sunil’s mom here for working her dance moves!

20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_020920140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_022220140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_025320140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_026720140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_028720140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_029820140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_0346Not too sure of the significance of using a shell for pouring of the milk, but it does make for pretty pictures!

20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_035020140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_035420140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_040420140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_040820140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_0415This was new to me, seeing a ring rolled along the bride’s forehead.

20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_044220140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_044420140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_0472Spot two of our previous clients, Reyhan & Sonia and Philip & Su Lin! Those pink turbans are awesome!

20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_0561And don’t you just love it when your friends photobomb your formal bridal portraits?

20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_059420140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_060320140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_0606The tea ceremony before the dinner.

20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_065620140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_064820140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_0779What a fun start to the dinner reception! There were also other entertainment throughout the night which included traditional dances.

20140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_082320140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_083620140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_098420140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_089920140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_093920140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_108420140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_118320140906_WEDDING_SUNIL_BELINDA_MSIA_0785Congratulations Sunil and Belinda! We wish you all the best for the future as you start this adventure of life together!


Photographers & Videographers from the Stories.my Team:
Photographers: Grace, Nigel & Diane (wedding day), Weiming & Nigel (sangeet and santh)
Videographers: Nick, Chi Yin & Felicia
Temple Ceremony: Shree Lakhsmi Narayan Temple
Dinner Reception: Renaissance Hotel, KL

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