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Maternity Portraits: Felicia & Fhai

By 04/01/2015No Comments

Years ago, we photographed Felicia and Fhai when she was pregnant with her first child. They were one of our first few clients who actually visited our studio at Centrepoint Bandar Utama then. And now with her second baby, they visited our studio in SStwo Mall for the shoot! Since we will actually be moving out of this space in 2015 due to the redevelopment of the mall, who knows, maybe she’ll be visiting us at our next studio, if she intends on having a 3rd child!

As of today’s post, Felicia has given birth to a healthy baby girl. Congratulations to you and your family!

20141012_Family_Portaits_Fai_Felicia_12620141012_Family_Portaits_Fai_Felicia_11620141012_Family_Portaits_Fai_Felicia_00620141012_Family_Portaits_Fai_Felicia_02720141012_Family_Portaits_Fai_Felicia_03420141012_Family_Portaits_Fai_Felicia_082 Credits:
Photographer: Diane
Location: Stories Studio

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