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Tanusya’s Ear Piercing Ceremony

By 20/01/2015No Comments

I admit. It was my first ear piercing ceremony coverage, but that didn’t damper my excitement! I love doing things that challenge my own photography status-quo, and quite truthfully, I was also stoked that I get to wear my under-utilised Punjabi Suit!

Having known the very chatty and bright-eyed Tanusya when the family came to our studio for a photo session, I know I am in for good, lively company. The family enjoyed the studio session so much that Tanusya’s mom, Sri, decided to have me photograph the event. What great honour! So I jumped right into my research about ear piercing ceremonies  and prepared myself for what was to come.

20140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_072And true enough, it is was really quite a grand event. The temple hall was quickly occupied by teachers, friends and family. I can tell they how much they love Tanusya just by seeing the amount of gifts they have given her.

20140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_00320140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_006Sri is a meticulous mom. Look at all the things that she has prepared for the event!

20140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_06320140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_119Tanusya was carried in by her uncles, accompanied by dancers and traditional music. I think she must enjoy being carried in that grand manner because she was just beaming all the while. I probably would, too!

20140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_12920140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_14220140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_16920140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_20120140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_229For a child, I can imagine how daunting it is to have your ears pierced, but Tanusya braved through it, albeit along with a little bit of crying. I wouldn’t blame her. I only had my ears pierced when I turned 15!

20140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_23120140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_24720140907_Tanusha_Ear_Piercing_300I am really glad to be given this experience. Thanks, Sri but trusting me to photograph Tanusya’s grand event!

Photographer: Diane
Location: Sri Ramalingeswaran Temple, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

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