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Dignity for Children’s Visit

By 20/03/2015No Comments

Last week, we had 12 very special visitors to the Stories studio. It was an unusual day for us as we never had a group of teenagers visit us in this manner before. These teenagers were chatty, fun, cheeky and ambitious. You wouldn’t have thought that they came from underprivileged backgrounds or hold a refugee status here in Malaysia.

But thank God for amazing individuals who have volunteered their time and energy in order to give back to society. And especially so for the people behind Dignity for Children, a one stop community learning centre for the urban poor and underprivileged children. Their vision is to empower these children to break the cycle of poverty through quality education, which leads to a positive life transformation.

We were pleased to share our journey as photographers / videographers and to encourage these students to see that this is a viable career path. It was a good exposure for most of them and they even got to have their portraits photographed by our team! It was really worth it to see their smiles knowing that we made a small impact in their lives, even if it was only for 2 hours. We really pray for the best for these kids, and hope that they will lead successful lives as they make carve their path into adulthood.

20150312_DIGNITY_FOR_CHILDREN_STORIES_12520150312_DIGNITY_FOR_CHILDREN_STORIES_032Diane was great at sharing her experience and thoughts of choosing photography as a career.

20150312_DIGNITY_FOR_CHILDREN_STORIES_00520150312_DIGNITY_FOR_CHILDREN_STORIES_00720150312_DIGNITY_FOR_CHILDREN_STORIES_039Then it was portraits time! The kids had a great time being in front of the camera, though they were initially shy.

20150312_DIGNITY_FOR_CHILDREN_STORIES_05320150312_DIGNITY_FOR_CHILDREN_STORIES_055We hope they can use these photos to their advantage, perhaps a CV cover image? :) Don’t they look great?


Thanks for coming by and making our day special!  

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