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Church Wedding, Luther Centre: Siu Fai & Chia Wen

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20141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_073420141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_0597Just recently, Siu Fai and Chia Wen celebrated the 100th day since they were wed. It was so lovely to see on Siu Fai’s Facebook page this note to his dear wife Chia Wen.

A hundred days from the day, dear Wen,
Everyday as blissful as we felt back then,
I promise my promise to you is true, 
A commitment to love, just me and you.

“Matrimony came from paradise, and leads to it. I never was half so happy before I was a married man as I am now. When you are married, your bliss begins. Let the husband love his wife as he loves himself, and a little better, for she is his better half. He should feel,”If there’s only one good wife in the whole world, I’ve got her.” – Charles Spurgeon

Though the wedding happened some time back, it felt fresh in my mind, as if it were just a few weeks ago. I feel privileged to have been given the honour to photograph this wonderful couple alongside my photographer sidekick, Jamie.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting this couple know that they are dynamic, passionate about the things of God, love people and through their actions, put their love into practice. As church leaders in DUMC, their lives have made such an impact to many around them. Just look at the number of people who attended their church wedding!


20141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_001420141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_009020141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_010820141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_011920141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_012620141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_013220141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_015620141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_0167Their church wedding was held at the Luther Centre’s main hall, which can fit a large number of people!

20141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_026020141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_026420141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_0269It was special that after they reached the front of the altar, Chia Wen’s dad prayed for the couple before the whole ceremony started.

20141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_027220141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_027420141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_027520141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_028520141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_031420141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_032520141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_036120141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_035920141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_037520141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_038220141220_WEDDING_SIUFAI_CHIAWEN_0425Siu Fai and Chia Wen made a vow to each other to share their first kiss at the altar when they got married. What a sacred moment this was!


Happy belated 100th day anniversary, you two! We are so happy to be part of your amazing day. We love you and appreciate your friendship. Lots of love from the both of us (Jamie & Grace!). 

View more photos from their same day slideshow here:

Photographers: Grace & Jamie
Wedding Ceremony: Luther Centre, PJ
Wedding Gown: I am a Bride
Evening Gown: Armadale
Groom’s Attire: AAeger Mate, Ivan Wuan
Shoes: Christy Ng
Make up & Hair: Suki Ng
Cake: Dolce Cupcakes
Wedding Coordinator: Bessie Mak
Flowers: Summerpots
Videography: Lightframe

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