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Wedding of John & Hazel at St Irini Chapel, Santorini

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Santorini… the gorgeous island that has captured the hearts of many all over the world. There is something about the sea, cliffs and amazing sunset that makes us feel as if this is the place for romance. I was really thrilled to be invited to John and Hazel’s wedding in Santorini last month (by default since my husband Alex was invited!), but in the weeks leading up to the wedding, suddenly, I wasn’t just a guest anymore… I was their photographer! And then suddenly, Alex was also appointed as the ‘pastor’ and ‘celebrant’ (though the official Greek celebrant was present too).

That was the start of our Santorini adventure.

John and Hazel wanted an intimate wedding, with just 11 guests (including us!). When we arrived the day before the wedding, it was really windy and cold. Apparently, winter had not left this beautiful island, and most of the locals were also complaining about the weather. It rained on the wedding day (with no contingency plan), so we prayed really hard that the rain would stop…which it did! I applaud Hazel for braving the elements in her strapless gown… it was absolutely freezing that day! (I had 4 layers of clothing on, one of which included a leather jacket).

Naturally, the breathtaking view of the Caldera and the Aegean sea from the Santa Irini Chapel trumped the cold weather we had to endure.

I truly enjoyed this wedding for so many reasons, but most of all, it was a meaningful ceremony filled with love. You could see it in their eyes. The family and guests who were there truly loved John and Hazel. There were many things that happened that day (rain, flat tyre on the way to the chapel, Hazel almost falling flat on her face as she walked down the aisle) but they took it in stride. Everyone had fun, and it was a beautiful day.

20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_0220150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_04An Excerpt from Alex’s message

Don’t grow up too fast and forget to enjoy the activities of every day. Romance fades with time, and this is where the marriage must be anchored. In marriage, it’s the little things that are the big things. Send sweet (or naughty) WhatsApp messages, watch a movie spontaneously and be loving for no particular reason.

One of the things Hazel likes about John is his sense of humour and optimism in life. It is his “everything can do” spirit that probably won over Hazel. This beautiful girl has never been short of suitors, but all had the same routine. In a nutshell, John just barged into her life one day, took her to a Guns and Roses concert, yakked on the phone for hours, then assumed a relationship by saying, “so we all, how ah?”. Keep making each other laugh – it’s important.

Surprise one another, be impulsive and do crazy things. John gets a 10/10 for this, especially with the whirlwind proposal in Paris! Compete with John, Hazel. Outdo him and make it fun!

20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_03  20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_05 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_06 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_07 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_08 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_09 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_10Hazel claims that John is the wackiest and silliest guy on earth. After spending many years working as a news anchor on TV, Hazel thinks she’s pretty serious but since John came into her life, he’s been her laughing pill. She’s a hopeless romantic, loves photography and is clueless about guitars! John on the other hand, is mad about his guitars (that’s why he runs his own guitar shop), hates photography (especially posing for photos!) but loves to cook.

What a pair! But they make things work and it is obvious through these photos that they simply adore each other.

20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_11 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_12a 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_13 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_14 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_15 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_16The car that John was driving had a flat tyre, so we had to make a pit stop before heading to the chapel.

20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_17 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_18 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_19 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_20 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_21 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_22 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_23 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_24 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_25John and Hazel shared an intimate moment as he whispered his personalised vows to Hazel.

20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_26 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_27 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_28 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_29 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_30 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_31 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_32 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_33 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_34 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_35 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_36 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_37 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_38 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_39 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_40 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_41 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_42 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_43 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_44 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_45 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_46 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_47 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_48 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_49 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_50 20150408_WEDDING_JOHN_HAZEL_51John showing off his dance moves. It was the most entertaining dance ever!


Photographer: Grace
Wedding Ceremony: Santa Irini Chapel, Santorini
Dinner Reception: Pyrgos Restaurant 
Wedding Gown: Aire Barcelona & Celest Thoi Bridal
Groom’s Attire: Hugo Boss
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

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