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Pre-Wedding in Santorini: Terence & Sarah

By 02/06/2015One Comment

As a photographer, I am always touched that couples would willingly display public forms of affection in front of my camera lens. It’s not an easy thing to do… following directions and at the same time, being engrossed in ‘the moment’. And when the photographer is your sister-in-law, it can either be a good or awkward. But Sarah and Terence rocked the session, and were totally easy to photograph.

If you have been following this blog, you’d know that a few days before this shoot, it was raining in Santorini. The weather was 8 degrees Celcius and strong winds threatened to ‘blow’ us off the cliffs. But thank God the clouds parted and we had a sunny day for Terence and Sarah’s session. (though her jacket was always within reach in between shots!)

Terence and Sarah have known each other for years now, since uni days, when they were young adults exploring life in Australia. Their journey began in 2004, and now, 11 years later, they are registered. Thank you, T&S for being such awesome family members. I’m glad we could share memories like these, including lugging our bags up and down stairs in the rain, exploring different restaurants and lying on the black beach. Love both of you very much. Looking forward to the Bali wedding later on!

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Photographer: Grace, assisted by Alex
Location: Oia Village, Santorini
Make up & hair: Renia-Bledaki
Wedding Gown: Pretty in White

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