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Studio Family Portrait: Glen & Nikola

By 02/07/2015No Comments

It’s one of those Sundays where my head was perhaps up in the clouds. You know, where somehow things just don’t start out right? So on the day of the Upson family shoot, I accidentally locked myself out of the empty office with no phone, no key, no door pass… just before the family arrived! In my panic I went to our next unit where Jack, our contractor was working and used his phone to call for help.

Long story short, I technically made our contractor climb dangerously to our unit though the ceiling, ropes and all, to open the door and let me in. In Jack’s words, he felt like he committed an act of thievery by “breaking in” like that. Yea, I know, I felt awful!

So yes, I had to stay focused on the shoot after the blunder, which wasn’t hard to do because the family was such a great sport! Baby Hugo came in cheerful and well-rested, so I started with some photos of him first.

20150621_Family_Portraits_Glenn_Nikola_Jayden_Hugo_04220150621_Family_Portraits_Glenn_Nikola_Jayden_Hugo_02420150621_Family_Portraits_Glenn_Nikola_Jayden_Hugo_034What a cutie, don’t you think? GAAAH.

20150621_Family_Portraits_Glenn_Nikola_Jayden_Hugo_028Jayden didn’t miss out on the fun, too. Somehow he liked the tall chair and so I took the opportunity and got this shot of him.

20150621_Family_Portraits_Glenn_Nikola_Jayden_Hugo_058I think his t-shirt says it all. Hahaha.

20150621_Family_Portraits_Glenn_Nikola_Jayden_Hugo_046And some brotherly love!

20150621_Family_Portraits_Glenn_Nikola_Jayden_Hugo_08320150621_Family_Portraits_Glenn_Nikola_Jayden_Hugo_081“Mom, you’re embarrassing me.” is probably what he will say when he turns 16.

I am thankful that despite a potentially disastrous situation, it all turned out well. Thank God the family didn’t have to wait too long, and they were really gracious about my blunder. More than anything, I am really, really thankful for Jack’s effort in saving me!¬†Guess it’s really lesson learnt for me! :)

Photographer: Diane
Location: Stories studio

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