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Family Portraits: Rayson, Yee See & Lisa

By 24/07/2015No Comments

I blew the candles on the cake of my 28th birthday last 10th June, and commemorated 4 years working in Stories on 14th June. As I took some time off on my birthday week to contemplate on the intricacies of life- my experiences and journey thus far, needless to say, I can’t help feeling overwhelmed with gratefulness. Having grown these past 4 years photographing weddings and then family portraits, I see our clients move on with life as well- from their wedding day to having a child. Truly, time passes by really quickly, even more so in this fast-paced life where everything is somewhat instant. If we don’t stop and savour the moments, it’ll all be gone.

Rayson & Yee See‘s family has grown, with Lisa as their latest addition. Here’s Lisa’s first few wobbly steps, which I have had the honour to photograph.

20150131_Family_Portraits_Rayson_YeeSee_Lisa_074It is moments like these I live to capture as a photographer. Seriously.

20150131_Family_Portraits_Rayson_YeeSee_Lisa_059It looks like Lisa’s negotiating skills are showing already. :)

20150131_Family_Portraits_Rayson_YeeSee_Lisa_01620150131_Family_Portraits_Rayson_YeeSee_Lisa_03620150131_Family_Portraits_Rayson_YeeSee_Lisa_03820150131_Family_Portraits_Rayson_YeeSee_Lisa_051We can’t stop time. Thankfully we can freeze some of these memories in photographs. Thank you for sharing this moment with me, Rayson & Yee See.

Photographer: Diane
Location: Stories Studio

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