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Family Portraits: Andrew, Lani & the kids

By 09/09/2015No Comments

It was through my sister’s friendship with Lani that I got to know her. Random conversations at my sister’s home in Malaysia, usually over Chinese New Year or some BBQ/mee siam party that my sister is always organising. When my team and I were in Singapore for shoot some time back, we had the opportunity to photograph Lani’s family. Since I was not available then, Jamie went to do this shoot, and I think she had a great time with this young, energetic family. I must say, Lani and Andrew look really really good together. You would hardly think that this youthful looking couple would be the parents of 3 teenage (or almost teenage) children. I think the glow must come from all that love and connection in this family. So much heart. :)

Photographer: Jamie
Location: Family home & Random park in Singapore

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