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Portrait Shoot: Pandelela Rinong

By 21/09/2015 One Comment

One day, I received a call from Pandelela’s new manager, Jolene Knight, whom I got to know years ago through my ex-colleague, Jek. She casually asked if I would be interested to photograph Pandelela Rinong… oh you know, our first female Malaysian diver who won a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics in London. Yeah, like, duh, of course! I was excited to meet this pretty little lass from Sarawak (she is quite petite too, like me!).

I had a brief to create images that reflected different parts of her personality. Naturally, while at the pool, we needed to demonstrate precision, strength, power and determination… but off-work, she is fun and approachable. Thank you, Jolene and Mike for the opportunity, it was wonderful to get to know Pandelela in person.

20150510_PANDELELA_016BNW 20150510_PANDELELA_05420150510_PANDELELA_161 20150510_PANDELELA_07520150510_PANDELELA_093 20150510_PANDELELA_13220150510_PANDELELA_185

Photographer: Grace

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  • Moha Afendy Abdullah says:

    My hope she will bring back olympic gold medal. I will always pray for her.

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