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Post-Wedding Portraits: Nithin & Rakshita

By 06/11/2015No Comments

They came all the way from Mangalore, India to Malaysia for a holiday, and what better way to remember this trip than to organise a post-wedding photo shoot with us! It was also to celebrate Rakshita’s birthday, which I thought was such a nice gift! Nithin and Rakshita are such naturals in front of the camera, you would have thought that they were actors (In real life, Nithin’s a doctor!). I hope we made your trip very memorable, and please do come back to visit again one day. If I ever visit Mangalore, expect a call or email from me too! :)

Photographers: Grace & Jamie
Make up & Hair: Michelle Touche
Locations: KLCC park & Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

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