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Pre-Wedding at Sekeping Serendah: Zeen & Janet

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Zeen (Also known as groom)
Definition: Uncle-ish. Traditional. Quiet. Detail oriented. Organized. Smart. Superboy. Weirdo. Worries about being a weirdo. Shy. Not sure of the differences between onions and spring onions.

Janet (Also known as bride)
Definition: A bit out of this world. Has a wild imagination. Crafty. Slow. Stubborn. Loveable. Laughs a lot. Lazy. Messy. Optimistic. Childish. Loves pretty things. Loves quirky things. Very sticky with her groom (like glue).

20150715_PREWEDDING_ZEEN_JANET_269Little Miss Quirky Janet introduced herself as an alien from Mars. That certainly caught Zeen’s attention at a friend’s birthday party. He thought she was silly and pretty much a cute girl, very childlike and happy. Somehow, these two hit it off, and it was as if the puzzle pieces just fit. Their conversations started off one way, but then the other could just complete it easily. Hours of conversations never bored them. The connection they share is so cute, their friends say they are like little¬†children.

Somehow, their differences made up for each other’s lack, and that’s how the puzzle fit together. When they encounter problems, they never ceased communicating, and that was what brought them even closer together. Faith, hope and love were the key phrases that they hung on to, especially during the 2 years of long distance relationship when one was in UK and the other in KL.

And so, one day, Zeen decided he needed to spend the rest of his life with Janet. He proposed and their entire life’s history changed from that moment on!

Photographers: Jamie & Nigel
Location: Sekeping Serendah
Wedding Gown: Pretty in White

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