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So let’s kick off the first blog post of 2016 with an epic wedding! We’ve been through a lot together. A pre-wedding shoot in KL & Singapore, two weekends of weddings in KL and a wedding in Phuket. What a journey! Definitely one of the most memorable weddings for me in 2015… Andrew & Katrina’s energy and laughter is infectious. I love just being around them, you can’t help but feel as if you have to laugh a little louder, dance a little more, and hug another person. I am also so grateful to have built a friendship with this amazing couple.

Their wedding was truly a majestic affair. Please be warned, I am terrible at cutting down the number of images for a blog post, so it might take a while to load! Here are some of the images from the first two wedding events in KL… their ROM, church wedding ceremony at St Thomas More and dinner reception at The Majestic. Even the haze was not a deterrent to the couple (we got shots like the one below thanks to it!). It was all beautifully decorated and planned by the Mint Events & Soirées’ team. One other amazing detail is that Katrina designed her wedding and evening gown herself! Check out her Facebook page, Wilka.

20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_314Here’s what Katrina had to say about the wedding planning process:

Stories.my & Mint Events made my wedding dream come true. Inspirations and ideas that came in the wedding planning process appeared as and when I thought of something, which was a constant thing throughout the year. I was doing a lot of research, surfing the net looking at so many images and references. Pinterest was my best friend. Do manage yours and everyone’s expectations… it’s YOUR wedding, not THEIRS. Trust your photography and video team (ahem…Stories)… have fun, let go, respect our elders.
The Stories team have been amazeballs from the get go. Somehow, when we were shopping for a vendor, Stories was the first one we met with, and though we had other companies to check out, I knew I wanted them to be the officials to capture the most important moments of our lives. Grace and her team have been very accommodating, professional, efficient, understanding, considerate and reasonable. But most important of all, they were able to capture the brief accurately, and brought our wedding to life that went way beyond my expectations. We are in awe and till today cannot believe how beautifully done all our photos, videos and sideshows are. Makes us tear every time we look at them. We always felt comfortable and relaxed with the Stories team. Like we were family. We laughed and had fun together. We love Stories!

Watch their fusion photo and video slideshow here. It was presented on the night of the dinner reception itself.

20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_095 20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_110 20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_187 20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_208 20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_266 20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_273    20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_31720151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_296 20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_350 20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_471 20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_477 20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_512 20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_517 20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_558Andrew surprised Kat with the same Ferarri that he loaned when he took her out on their very first date. So sweet! (and good thing he managed to track it down!)

20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_652We love the custom made cufflinks that Katrina purchased for Andrew. So lovely!

20151003_ROM_ANDREW_KATRINA_660Don’t you think that Katrina’s gown is beautiful?

20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_20 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_21 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_22 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_23 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_24 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_25 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_26 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_27 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_28 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_29 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_30 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_31 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_32 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_33 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_34 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_35 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_36 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_37 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_38 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_39 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_40 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_41 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_42 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_43 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_44 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_45The dinner reception at The Majestic was such a grand affair. The Photobooth and decorations look amazing. It was also special the the open bar was inside the ballroom, so guests were ushered into the ballroom during the cocktail session.


20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_60 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_61 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_62  20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_64 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_65 20151010-WEDDING_ANDREW_KATRINA_BLOG_66More about this couple and their Phuket wedding later on. Their wedding video highlight is something I can’t wait to share too!


Photographers & Videographers: Stories.my team (Grace, Jamie, Samantha, Ismael, Chi Yin, Delvin, Choo Cherk, Aloysius, Khai Soon)
Church Ceremony: St Thomas More, USJ
Dinner Reception: The Majestic Hotel, KL
Wedding Gown: Wilka
Wedding Planner & Decorator: Mint Events & Soirées
Bowties: Knotted
Make up & Hair: Michelle Touche

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