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An Industrial Rustic Wedding: Min-Yi & Shu Ern

By 18/02/2016February 25th, 2016No Comments

20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0228City Harvest is getting increasingly popular as a wedding ceremony location, and I can understand why, with the rustic brick walls and overall industrial look. It was the perfect setting for Min-Yi and Shu Ern’s wedding. Min-Yi looked dashing on his wedding day, with a beret and matching suspenders to complete the look. It was actually my first time at City Harvest and I enjoyed photographing this wedding so much. I love how Shu Ern’s family was just so emotional. I love the little details at the ceremony, including the key words, “Dream, Believe, Smile & Family” that were hung by their friends. And I was ecstatic to discover this random location that made for great photos.

20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0453Min-Yi and Shu Ern were secondary school mates but they were not friends at that time. Half a decade after leaving school, their paths crossed again on 26th December 2011.

Shu Ern: I was running at the nearby park in Taman Tun with my friend. I was almost done and about to do one more lap. There’s an intersection in front of the entrance to the park and he had just arrived with a friend. We came from opposite directions and immediately as our eyes met, I did a double take inside. His face reminded me of someone. I was curious and tried to check him out a few more times, but every time I turned to look his way our eyes would meet and I had to turn away to not seem rude. I guess he was trying to check me out too only to find me doing the exact same thing.

I went through my lap all the while wondering what happened to him in those years I’ve not seen him. Finally midway through the jog, we crossed paths and it was then did I actually get a good look. In place of that small, short, kiddy looking boy was a tall, handsome and tanned looking man. As he passed by, he gave me a big smile and my heart just melted.

Min-Yi: I asked my friend for confirmation if he recalled that she was from our high school, which he did. I ran the opposite direction of the loop, thinking that maybe I can get another look at her. As I was running, I tried to look out for her from the other side and I spotted her. Getting so excited, I ran a little faster and gave her a big smile as I passed her. When I got home, I immediately sent her a Facebook message.

The rest is history.

So the 26th of December was a significant date for the both of them, and they chose to get married on the 26th of December too, but in 2015. Congratulations Min-Yi & Shu Ern! (FYI, I love your hashtag, #ittakes2toThengGoh – so funny!)

20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0036 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0039 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0064 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_007420151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0080 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0078  20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0086 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0124 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0126 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0130 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0153 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0162 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0172 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0177 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0181 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0197  20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0239 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0242 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0263 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0268 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0269 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0279 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0280 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0291 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0295 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0308 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0309 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0318 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0324 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0352 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_035320151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0361 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0360 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0404 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0422 20151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_043720151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_045520151226_WEDDING_MINYI_SHUERN_0443Listen to their cute personalised vows and see more photos here:

Photographers: Grace, Nigel & Hui En
Church Ceremony Location: City Harvest Church, KL
Wedding & Evening Gown: Elaine Kong
Groom’s Attire: Louis Remarque
Shoes: Lewre and Pedro
Make up & Hair: Agnes

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