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A family’s day out at the park: The Suhaimi Family

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It was a fun day out for the family. Shafinaz brought her parents and sister along for the shoot and we had a great time together. We even had to convince Shafinaz’s dad to put down his camera as he was being photographed instead! Before any family shoot, I send out a little questionnaire for our clients to fill. It’s a great way of getting to know the family. Some bits of fun facts:

Shafinaz’s mom (Putri) and her dad (Suhaimi) dated for 7 years and are now married for 36 years!
Shafinaz’s sister, Shaliza has 2 lovely children of Chinese-Malay parentage.
Shafinaz & her husband Henrik met through their shared passion of travel, underwater photography and scuba-diving. They dated for 6 months and got married.

What an awesome family.

20160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-12220160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-06920160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-005 20160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-030 20160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-044 20160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-051 20160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-056 20160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-062  20160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-080 20160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-093 20160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-102 20160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-10920160103-SUHAIMI_FAMILY-124Credits:

Photographer: Grace
Location: Taman Rimba Kiara

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