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Kelvin, Jamie and a sleepy baby

By 11/07/2016No Comments

In a family portrait session, everything rarely ever goes according to plan. Sometimes babies will bawl their heads out, refuse to smile (even when parents insist they are super smiley babies) or in the case of Kelvin and Jamie, their baby boy Tristan fell asleep halfway through the shoot! I guess we were kind of boring to him! Well, the shoot had to carry on, so awake or not, we took photos of the little sleepy head. Thankfully, after his 10 minute power nap, Tristan woke up all cheerful and ready to face the day.

20160527-FAMILY_PORTRAITS_KELVIN_JAMIE-021 20160527-FAMILY_PORTRAITS_KELVIN_JAMIE-045 20160527-FAMILY_PORTRAITS_KELVIN_JAMIE-049 20160527-FAMILY_PORTRAITS_KELVIN_JAMIE-057 20160527-FAMILY_PORTRAITS_KELVIN_JAMIE-067 20160527-FAMILY_PORTRAITS_KELVIN_JAMIE-076 20160527-FAMILY_PORTRAITS_KELVIN_JAMIE-10020160527-FAMILY_PORTRAITS_KELVIN_JAMIE-011Kelvin & Jamie: We had fun and would definitely recommend Grace to our relatives and friends. Love her enthusiasm for the job (can’t believe she’s mother of 2!) and she was really patient and friendly. She didn’t bat an eyelid and remained professional when our baby fell asleep! (unfortunately our poor baby was under the weather during the shoot!). Thanks again Grace and team!

Photographer: Grace, assisted by Jennifer
Location: Puchong

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