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Hari Raya with the Naza Family

By 14/07/2016April 3rd, 2018No Comments

I was honoured that an old friend had recommended me to Datuk Wira SM Faisal SM Nasimuddin, who was looking for a family portrait photographer during the Raya holidays. It was wonderful meeting the entire family behind the Naza Group of companies, including Marion Caunter. Donned in festive clothes too, I tried my best to look good setting up lights while wearing a kebaya. :)

Everyone looked really smart in their baju Raya and the kids were just too cute. Here’s the large family¬†portrait that was set up in 5 minutes. As one of the siblings, Nadia mentioned on her Instagram account, “There’s a whole troop of nannies behind this shot”… and may I add, taking photos for the family with their mobile phones! I wish we had taken a behind the scene shot of that!


There was also a simple birthday celebration – though I had never seen a joint birthday celebration with so many cakes like the one below!


And just for fun, here’s my glamour behind the scene shot!raya-nazaCredits:
Photographer: Grace

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