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Ice cream themed birthday bash – Thea Grace turns one!

By 03/08/2016No Comments

We photographed Aldrian and Mei Mei’s winter themed wedding some years ago. Ever since then, we’ve kept in touch over Facebook even though they live in another continent. This year, I got to meet their lovely daughter, Thea Grace, who just couldn’t stop smiling and giggling at our shoot. Well, surrounded by cookies that look like ice cream and pillows that look oh-so-sweet, who could blame her? She was just high on love and all things sugary. This styled shoot is a testament of how different people came together to make this work.

20160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-008Mei Mei brought some props from the UK, and I especially love all the hand-sewn animals hanging off the basket, holding… guess what? Ice cream! The letters that made up Thea Grace’s name were hand made by Mei Mei, and so were a number of the props themselves. Evelyn of Moments contributed the delicious looking ice cream shaped cookies, balloons and we provided the crates, blankets, bags and basket!

20160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-01220160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-030a20160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-03420160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-06020160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-08020160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-09520160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-082After some fun, a quick change of costume happened and then it was time for the cake smash!

20160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-11320160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-14520160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-144Naturally, it made sense to take a bath after smudging cream over one’s face!

20160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-188  20160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-15620160616- FamilyPortraits_Aldrien_MeiMei-157We did a behind the scenes video of this shoot – I’d like to thank Jennifer who helped to set up the props, Chi Yin who filmed the video, and Yenlin, our intern who edited it!

Photographer: Grace, assisted by Jennifer
Videographer: Chi Yin
Location: Subang Lake
Ice Cream cookies: Moments

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