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Chubby baby Adam and his big eyes

By 26/08/2016No Comments

How do you not fall in love with so much cuteness? Those large big eyes that just make you go, “Aaaw!” I remember when my baby was little, I loved every detail of her – I wanted to remember that smile, that spiky hair which had anti-gravity properties, those eyes…

I am sure Evan and Jasmine feels the same way towards Adam. Babies just grow up way too quickly, and soon, their chubby arms and legs elongate, they start babbling words and they become a toddler that says phrases like “I’m not a baby anymore!”

So cherish every little moment we have with the children. Soon, the days will pass into weeks and the weeks into months, and then we wonder, where has the time gone?

Photographer: Grace, assisted by Jennifer

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