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Divya & her colourful family

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Divya describes her family as colour to a white canvas. They wanted this photo session done with the immediate family as 2016 is such a significant milestone for them as a family.

Divya says: My mom and dad only had two girls. My sister Sandy (that’s what we call her) got married first and my parents were elated to have a son in the family. So technically my brother in law Rohen is the apple of the family. They then had a daughter, Maya, who was the sole grandchild for a good 4 years. She continues to remain as the princess of our family.

I got married last year and my parents got another Son in the family. My sister and I now jokingly complaint that our husbands have become more important to my parents than we are! (It may not be a joke… it actually may be the truth!.. lol) My dad was over the moon to have two sons on his camp as he has always been surrounded by my mom, sis and me who have talked his hair off his head :)

2016 was an eventful year for my parents they went from being grandparents to one little princes to having 3 additions to the family. AND all three were BOYS! of course you can imagine the excitement! We want to be able to capture that transition from just the 4 of us mom, dad, my sister and me to the whole lot of us now… our characters pretty much speak for itself. As a family we may seem loud (but aren’t all families?) and we love just being us. With the kids and us it can be a riot but it is what makes us who we are.

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Photographer: Grace, assisted by Jennifer

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