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Maternity Portraits: Marieke

By 22/12/2016No Comments

One of the biggest gripes most pregnant women have is that they feel bloated, almost elephant-like in nature approaching their 3rd trimester. Feet sometimes start to swell, spots appear, or the linea nigra line appears right across the belly, together with a protruding belly button. With Marieke, she didn’t appear to have any of these problems! She just looks so gorgeous with a baby belly! Taken in our studio by Jamie, these images remind us that every pregnant woman is indeed beautiful, because she carries a precious life inside of her. Praying for a safe delivery and we look forward to seeing the little one in the future.

20161209_MARIEKE_1 20161209_MARIEKE_2 20161209_MARIEKE_3 20161209_MARIEKE_4 20161209_MARIEKE_5 20161209_MARIEKE_6 20161209_MARIEKE_7 20161209_MARIEKE_8 20161209_MARIEKE_9Credits:

Photographer: Jamie
Location: Stories Studio

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