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Rustic Maternity Portraits: Samantha

By 28/02/2017No Comments

“To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and distressingly inhabited. Soul and spirit are stretched – along with body – making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.”

– Anne Christian Buchanan –

20170205_Maternity_Eu_Jin_Samantha-63 This is one couple I have had the privilege of journeying alongside with them from their pre-wedding session to their wedding, and now maternity session. The road to becoming a parent is really special, exciting, nerve-wracking and challenging, all at the same time. It’s the one thing that will challenge marriages, yet draw couples together, in one unified purpose – to give the best to their children. I am so excited for Eu Jin and Samantha as they embark on this new phase of their lives, this March! (It’s a special month too, cause I was born in March as well!)

20170205_Maternity_Eu_Jin_Samantha-62Praying for the both of you, that the delivery will be smooth and that you will be filled with utmost joy as you lay your eyes on this beautiful baby that has been forming these past 9 months. As you hear her cry for the first time, tears will well up in your eyes but you will know that it is all worth it.

20170205_Maternity_Eu_Jin_Samantha-5920170205_Maternity_Eu_Jin_Samantha-4520170205_Maternity_Eu_Jin_Samantha-8120170205_Maternity_Eu_Jin_Samantha-2920170205_Maternity_Eu_Jin_Samantha-1620170205_Maternity_Eu_Jin_Samantha-920170205_Maternity_Eu_Jin_Samantha-220170205_Maternity_Eu_Jin_Samantha-83On a side note, we took these photos at Desa Park City on a Sunday evening where there were hoards of families, dogs and strollers littering the pathways. It was pretty challenging, but I love how you can’t tell there was a huge crowd passing Eu Jin & Sam every few seconds! So here’s a behind the scenes photo just for fun.

Photographer: Grace
Location: Desa Park City
Hair & Make Up: Angie Ng

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