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Mehndi, Bangladesh: Navin & Faika

By 20/03/2017March 28th, 2017No Comments

Navin and Faika’s wedding celebration continued with the mehndi event, held at the poolside of their family home. Considering it was winter, the temperature was just right for an outdoor party (especially for a Malaysian like me who doesn’t like the cold!). It was quite an intimate event, with only close friends and family attending the event. I love the intricate mehndi art on the arms combined with the gorgeous bangles that were given as a gift to the guests.

20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_003 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_008 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_017 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_040 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_054 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_058 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_067 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_079 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_083 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_093 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_117 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_183 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_209 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_247 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_256 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_270 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_277 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_295 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_372 20161230_MEHENDI_NAVIN_FAIKA_447View the photos from their holudh ceremony here.


Photographers: Grace, Jamie & Jennifer
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Hair & Make Up: Sanjana Hossain


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