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Wedding in Bangladesh: Navin & Faika

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20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_079Navin and Faika’s wedding trilogy ended with a big bang on the 3rd day…their actual wedding day. As usual, Faika looked stunning in her wedding dress. As with most Bangladeshi weddings I have photographed, their decorations are always very elaborate. The venue where their wedding was held could cater for a few events at once. The entire palace setting on the stage was constructed on the wedding day itself. The highlight of the day was when Navin and Faika looked at each other through the mirror as husband and wife for the first time.

20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_06820170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_017 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_019 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_023 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_042 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_056 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_070 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_088 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_095 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_104 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_171 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_205 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_214 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_217 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_24520170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_415 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_364 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_409 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_442 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_446 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_472 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_483 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_498 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_504 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_511 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_519When we asked Navin and Faika what makes them a great couple, they replied:

Navin: We make a good team – whether it comes to traveling together, advising each other professionally or sharing household responsibilities. I equal part love/adore/admire Faika. We have been together 9+ years now, so you can say we have been through it all – good times and hard times – we have always been there for each other, and she’s my soulmate.

Faika: I always know that Navin will put me first and will do whatever is humanly possible to make me happy. He’s incredibly thoughtful and even though I’ve dragged him to a number of events where my friends and I are obsessing over Hong Kong high school memories, he’s infinitely patient and always went out of his way to get to know all my friends.

I’m also bit of a Type A personality which would drive most people crazy but I think that’s one of the things that Navin loves most about me. For our trips abroad, I started creating detailed hour by hour excel itineraries (which freaked out the majority of my friends) but both Navin and I thought it was the best way to maximize the number of things we could see/do on our trip (we’re all about efficiency!). Navin’s also very supportive from a career/work perspective – it’s not ideal having a Boston/NY long distance relationship but he knew that Harvard was the best option for me and always wanted me to attend. He’s a bit of a tiger mom and encourages me to push myself so that I can meet my goals/ambitions.

20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_530 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_544 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_545 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_546 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_548 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_550 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_559 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_561 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_562 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_568 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_573 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_577 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_590 20170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_62120170101_WEDDING_NAVIN_FAIKA_640View the other ceremonies here – Holudh & Mehndi


Photographers: Grace, Jamie & Jennifer
Wedding Location: International Convention City Bashundhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Groom & Bride’s Attire: Sabyasachi
Decorations: E-Simplified

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