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Newborn family portraits: Nate

By 06/06/2017August 6th, 2021No Comments

There is something beautiful about seeing a newborn nestling comfortably in his mother’s arms. Or how tiny his fingers look compared to yours. Oh how a child changes everything in your life! Definitely a milestone to remember. Nate was an easy baby to photograph… most of the time, he just slept and was oblivious to me clicking away! He must have gotten his easy going personality from his parents Owen and Ida. At the end of the session, we managed to even change him into a pilot’s outfit, suitable for a pilot’s son! That was just too adorable.

Ida says: Grace did a photoshoot of our newborn from the comfort of our home. Loved the way she played with natural light to document our milestone and the way she handled an infant to strike such cute poses! Love the family portrait as well. Thank you for capturing these important moments and making it so easy and comfortable to be in front of your camera. 5 out of 5 stars!

Photographer: Grace

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