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Managing Expectations About Photography on Your Wedding Day

By 28/11/2017August 6th, 2021One Comment

The celebration of marriage is but one little chapter in the tapestry of life. Each story is different but every bit as meaningful as the story of the stranger next to you. It is what makes our lives so interesting to others! When it comes to the chapter leading up to the happily-ever-after part, it is only natural to desire that the heart and essence of every second of the wedding be frozen in time.

This is where the bride and groom come to expect great things from their wedding photographers. But the biggest cause of disappointments when it comes to expectations results from a lack of communication. We’re here to set the record straight and ensure the expectations are reasonable.

1. Getting Ready Photos

We suggest giving us at least an hour to photograph the bride and groom as they separately get ready for the wedding. We like to add some detailed shots of the dress, shoes, cufflinks, rings and invitations. It’s also a good time to capture individual shots once the bride or groom is all ready, plus some photos with close family members and the bridal party.

2. Couple Photos

It can get pretty hectic especially with a tight schedule to follow, but making time for some intimate couple shots is not to be missed! We understand that people have come from near and far to celebrate this joyous occasion with you, and that there’s just too much happening. In the midst of the chaos, don’t forget that your wedding day is the beginning of a lifetime together and having some “alone” time will be good for the both of you too.

3. Dinner Photos

With a few hundred guests at wedding receptions these days it’s hard to ensure that every guest is photographed. One point to note is that people don’t like being photographed while they are putting food in their mouths. Your wedding photographers will usually look out for those who are happily socializing and enjoying the moment; they aren’t interested in those who are glued to their phones.

Communication is a key aspect prior to your wedding. It is necessary to run through the day’s itinerary with your wedding photographer. By having healthy expectations of your wedding day photography, both you and your photographer will be set for success and you’ll have a treasure trove of wonderful memories to commemorate this special chapter.

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