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The Nasimuddin family: Raya portraits

By 19/06/2018No Comments

When you add 8 young children below the age of 8 together in a large group portrait, chaos is sure to happen. Between threats, bribery, monkey calls (I was doing the monkey impression), we managed to get the attention of children. I even had to don my special lens accessory to attract them (look at the last photo to see what I mean). Between tears, shouts of “I don’t want to take a photo” and “Look here!”, we managed to get this…

We have a few versions of the group photo, but here’s what really took place behind the scenes of the Naza family’s Raya portraits.

We are really honoured to be part of their annual Raya photos for the 3rd year in a row, thanks to Datuk Wira SM Faisal. I also got to taste the delicious rendang made by his mum once again. This really close knit family is a joy to photograph. There’s just so much love and laughter in this family.

This year, Chryseis joined the family officially as Faliq’s wife.

Doesn’t Marion Caunter look amazing in this Bernard Chandran dress? Not everyone can pull off this look. Oh yeah, and Nasarudin doesn’t look too bad himself…

Diana and Nadia’s children are just too adorable. I especially love the My Little Pony look on Diana’s eldest daughter.

Thank you for having us again for the 3rd year! I love to see the progression of outfits through the years! Click on the links below if you are interested to see the photos from 2016 and 2017. How the children have grown! Here’s some behind the scenes photos thanks to Jennifer… unfortunately, I didn’t get the memo to wear red. :P

Photographer: Grace, assisted by Jennifer

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