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Everyday photos that you need to take

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As a photographer, I have this innate desire and need to document my life. There are some important people, places or events that encompasses an essential part of who I am and the life I live. I believe that this process of documenting life is really important and I encourage you to think about your own life and how you can capture these moments because they become little windows into a memory that you once held dear.

1. Your house

It may seem trivial to take a photo of your house from the outside. But when you move and settle into a new home, you might find it hard to remember if there was a rose bush by the old gate or if your door was wooden or glass because those memories will fade. Just by looking at a picture of your old house on the outside can actually bring a flood of memories to mind of the times you spent pruning that rose bush and the barbeques you had on the porch.

My family home in Malacca where I spent my growing up years. This was the final goodbye as we packed the house to sell it in 2011.

2. The inside of your home

Just like the outside, you’ll want to remember the interior of the place you called home. Maybe one day your kids will want to see their old room, or the doorframe where you had their height measured every six months; and maybe even have a laugh at the type of furniture you had. They might even remember the time they spilled juice all over that carpet! They will be images that have far more sentimental value than you’d expect. This is one of the reasons I love photographing families in their own home, mess and all.

3. Your place of work and people you work with

It never occurs that the place we go to at least 5 days a week may one day be demolished, or it may grow and change due to modernization. You may even take for granted that the people we spend so much time with at work may be gone sooner than we realise. Commemorate it by snapping some shots for memory’s sake.

Our current consultation room

4. Your children’s schools

The school, teachers and friends leave an impression on your young children some way or another. There are sports days, achievement awards and little parties or highlights that take place throughout their schooling years. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to review this journey together further down the road?

Krysta’s last day at pre-school with her best buddies

5. The people in your lives

In all honesty, this could be the most meaningful of all the images you capture. People come and go and the time you spend with them is fleeting. While some remain close for a long time, some are only for a season, but each one weaves a part of their lives into yours.

Our extended family portrait taken in 2015. The kids were so tiny then!

These are just some of the aspects that make up the different chapters of our lives. Take time to document them because they become invaluable family treasures in the future.

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