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Pre-Wedding: Kit Mah & Cindy

By 14/02/2022One Comment

It was a pleasure to photograph Kit Mah and Cindy’s pre-wedding photos. When Kit Mah and Cindy first met online, they approached each other to chat about work, health, and wellness. As they got to know each other more, Kit Mah was impressed by how Cindy was such a dedicated and highly disciplined person. Kit Mah found many common things in them, and they shared many of the same values. One day, Cindy was leaving for a trip to Indonesia, and Kit Mah was speaking at the Integrative Medicine Conference 2019 for the first time. Despite the packed schedule, Kit Mah still had Cindy in mind and wished her a safe flight. Cindy was touched by how thoughtful he was. That was one of the sweetest memories for both of them. They continued building the relationship, having so much to share with each other, and the time together was never enough. The connection was strong and special. Kit Mah has even created a book to document their love journey together.

The location we chose to shoot at was Tamarind Square. We loved the concrete walls, the cool staircase, lots of greenery, and the great natural light. Kit Mah and Cindy really looked out for each other and made sure each other was okay. I recall one of Cindy’s soles falling off of her shoes halfway through the shoot. Cindy was calm and said she had prepared another pair of heels in the car. Kit Mah led her to somewhere to let her sit down and kneeled beside her to remove her heel. I felt like it was a norm for Cindy that Kit Mah is so sweet, everything just happens naturally. After Kit Mah helped Cindy change to other heels, they continued having fun with each other during the photo session. They did not let the incident affect their mood at all, and there was no sign of frustration, and I thought that was a great way for couples to go through the ups and downs of life together.

Location: Tamarind Square
Photographer: Chi Yin
Bouquet: Spring Cottage

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