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5 Reasons to Have Your Family Portraits Taken at Home

By 17/10/2022October 20th, 2022No Comments

Planning a family photoshoot might be stressful for some families especially if it involves little ones, seniors or even just an extra number of people! Some clients then wonder where is the best place to have the family portraits taken – at home, our studio or outdoors? Here are 5 reasons why we think you should consider your home as a solid option!

1. Be yourself 

You’re most yourself when you’re comfortable. And when you feel great, the photos will turn out amazing. For some people, being in a foreign environment might make them feel anxious, thus resulting in them not feeling their best. Most adults are good at adapting to new places but for kids, not so much. Oftentimes we’ve come across kids who struggle having their photos taken in our studio because they’re still processing their surroundings which takes some time. And we’ve noticed kids (and adults!) are definitely having a way more fun time during the session when they’re at home. Plus everyone could even walk around bare feet. Now isn’t that a bonus!

2. Hassle-free

There’s just so much more things to worry about when the whole family is involved in a 1-2 hour shoot. Time is precious and you want everything to go smoothly. We get it. You don’t want to worry about traffic or parking, if everyone wore the right outfits, if you remembered to grab your kid’s favourite snacks. When you’re at home, problems like these are no longer on your mind. Or at least the solutions are only a few steps away!

3. Create more precious memories

Fill the walls with laughter and create more memories with loved ones. A lot of our clients’ families come from different parts of the world so it’s rare for them to be in the same space together. Which is why we find it even more special when our clients have their family portraits taken at the home they grew up in. It brings more sentimental value to the photos. Nevertheless, our photographers are good at ensuring everyone will have the best time posing and interacting with each other for the camera. We believe in capturing real emotions and precious moments, so when you look back at the photos, we hope they will transport you back to those moments.

4. Have a variety of photos

We love putting our eyes to the test, every location is a good challenge for us to find nice areas for photos. And in each area we can easily capture tons of photos together. Plus, there’s indoors and outdoors which would be a nice contrast to the photos. Let us help see your home in a new light.

5. There is no place like home

Not only would your shoot be unique, having your family portraits taken at home will make the photos feel more personal. You could even recreate old photo albums or include items around your house into the photos. We want to help you document what matters within its walls.

We hope this article has convinced you to schedule your next family photoshoot at home. You are always welcome to contact us if you have more questions regarding this.

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