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A Memorable Father’s Day Event

By 10/07/2023January 17th, 2024No Comments

For the past 15 years, Stories has been capturing heartfelt images of families, and through our experience, we believe that it’s the photos captured in natural moments that evoke the best of emotions. When I joined as business development manager, I had a focus (especially after the past two years spent in pandemic) to create opportunities for meaningful experiences that go beyond just a standard photoshoot. 

Because of this, I’m so glad that our very first Father’s Day Event held at Pantai Kelanang two weeks ago was a huge success!

For Father’s Day this year, we knew we wanted to create a unique experience where families could get together to celebrate their dads while also spending a meaningful morning enjoying each other’s company. After a bit of brainstorming, we connected with educational program organiser Mad About Education (“MAE”), who runs outdoor programmes and activities for children and families. 

Together, we planned a family-friendly activity that would take families out of the city, teach them about nature through play activities, and provide a unique family photo opportunity.

We started the day bright and early by driving 1 hour from KL to Pantai Kelanang in Banting. I must commend all 16 families that attended huge props as we all know it’s not easy to drag the kids out of bed so early in the morning on weekends! 

Upon arrival, each family had a mini photoshoot session on the beach. It was low tide, so we were able to walk far out to get the pictures. It was interesting to see the children’s reactions to the sand as it was the first time for some at the beach! While the photoshoot was happening, the other families set up picnic mats to have breakfast and mingle around. 

As if dipping their toes into the sand and sea wasn’t enough of a sensory experience, the coordinators from MAE then led the next segment where the families explored the mangrove swamps nearby. The children had a hands-on experience here looking for critters that lived in the muddy waters, like crabs, snails and mudskippers. Everyone definitely got a little dirty during this segment! 

Using some items collected from the mangroves and beach, the group then conducted a little science experiment. We ended the day with an art and craft project where the families moulded their handprints into a cast by mixing sand with some flour and then decorated the mould with seashells for a souvenir of the day out.

Reflecting on the event, we were blessed with great weather – the sun was out, which made for great photos, but the location was sheltered and windy. The experienced educators and coordinators from our collaboration partners MAE were also a great asset to the event as they were able to share information on the ecosystem and biodiversity that could be found inside the mangrove swamp while we at Stories did what we do best – take pictures of families having fun! 

Overall, we received positive feedback from the families who joined us and are now on the hunt for more unique activities to create meaningful experiences for them. Are there any activities that you might enjoy participating in? Leave a note in our comments on the type of activities you might like to see us organise!