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Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life – full of anticipation, excitement, and joy. However, there is often so much to prepare for that we sometimes get lost, focusing on the to-dos, instead of savouring all the special little moments.

Here are some tips for treasuring your pregnancy, and making the journey just that little bit more special:

1. Take the time to prepare your home

Babies may be small, but they can take up a significant amount of space. From diapers to bottles to clothes, the list of things to buy may seem endless! But shopping for your baby shouldn’t have to be stressful.

Whether it’s a nursery, or carving out a corner in your current room, take the time to think about what works for you and your home. Make a list and run it through with experienced mums. Knowing exactly what items you’ll get also prepares you to designate storage space for the things you need and want, so you don’t end up with more than you can handle.

In the end, having that cozy nook prepared in advance for your little one’s arrival will help build anticipation. Plus, a photogenic corner will help you capture the special moments of your journey.

2. Keep a journal – or even better, a pregnancy scrapbook

Keeping a pregnancy journal is a wonderful way to capture your thoughts and experiences throughout the nine months. You can record your feelings, your hopes and wishes for your baby, your cravings, your daily routines, and more.

For something a bit more special, consider scrapbooking instead. You can include ultrasound photos, baby shower invitations, congratulatory cards, and other mementos. Years later, you’ll be able to look back on these items and remember this special time in your life.

3. Have a baby shower (or plan for your baby’s full moon party)

Bringing together friends and family is a great way to involve your loved ones in this joyous occasion. Odds are, your parents, relatives, and friends will also be eager to help you welcome your newest family member and shower you with gifts and love.

Depending on your culture (as well as how you’re feeling in the later stages of your pregnancy), you can consider having a baby shower or, if you prefer for your baby to attend as well, a full moon party after the delivery. After all, there’s no wrong time for a celebration.

4. Take a babymoon

While not impossible, it can be hard to take time off as a couple, especially in the early months after your baby’s birth. As parents-to-be, you can consider taking a babymoon. This celebratory trip (which takes its idea from a honeymoon) allows you to spend some quality time with your partner, before the arrival of your baby.

This is a wonderful way to make new memories and cherish your pregnancy-related moments as a couple. You can choose a location that is special to you; perhaps your wedding hotel, or simply enjoy a staycation in your city to pamper yourselves.

5. Have a maternity photoshoot

Finally, a maternity photoshoot is a great way to capture your pregnancy in a beautiful and artistic way. These life-changing moments symbolise your new chapter of life, and are a milestone to celebrate and remember. In the future, you and your partner will have these photos to look back on, and see how much you’ve grown over the years. The best part about taking maternity photos, is being able to one day spend quality time with your children as you flip through the photo album and show them how valued they are – even from the day they were just a wee baby bump in ‘mama’s belly’!

There are many ways to treasure your pregnancy moments and make them even more special. We hope these ideas can help you capture your pregnancy journey and create lasting memories that you, your partner, and your child will cherish for years to come!

Originally published on Makchic’s website