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Pre-Wedding at Sekeping Tenggiri: Eu Jin & Elaine

Dear Grace and team,

We LOVED the photos..and we don’t know where to begin to thank you and your team for the amazing job.

Grace, thanks for guiding us throughout the whole photo shooting session, and not forgetting the jokes which made the session less tense, but more fun! Despite that you’re pregnant, you worked your best to capture every moment of that day.

Diane, Thanks for organizing everything for us and you have never failed to be there to answer my questions. And also setting up appointments with Grace and Skyping with Eu Jin when he was in Singapore.

We could never thank you enough and the DVD Slideshow is LOVELY. The song suits us very much.

Your work has exceeded our expectation and we would like to thank you and your team from the bottom of our hearts for capturing these beautiful photos for us. We hope to have more photo session with stories….Hmmm maybe maternity shoots…or baby shoots…hehheh

With Love,

Elaine + Eu Jin

Dear Elaine and Eu Jin,

The both of you have been really fun clients, and now I can pretty much say, friends! Despite the rain, we had heaps of fun during this pre-wedding shoot! I still remember meeting Elaine for the first time and you telling me how you wanted to have fun shots like ‘hitting’ Eu Jin on the head with your ballet slippers… :) We didn’t quite do that, but yeah, we did do a number of silly things including a pillow fight, a dance contest, running on the streets with your silly looking alien kite.. haha…

It’s people like you who make me feel young all the time… and smitten all at the same time, believing in the power of love!

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The Wedding of Tim & Doreen

I have good intentions to blog a wedding immediately after the shoot, but my good intentions never seem to become a reality. Currently, my blog posts are about 2 months behind schedule… we have so much to share but I have a hard time trying to catch up! So today, I am going to break the trend and skip a few other weddings at the moment to blog Tim and Doreen’s wedding photos.

Honestly, our first conversation over Skype and subsequent meet up felt a little tense. They were disagreeing about a few things regarding the wedding, and I wasn’t quite sure how to respond. But on the wedding day, everything changed, and Tim and Doreen were just grinning from ear to ear. They were just so relaxed with each other in front of our cameras. Ben and Weiming did a great job photographing alongside with me, and supporting me whenever I felt exhausted. All the night shots were taken by them since I was already home resting by then! :)

Tim and Doreen wrote a really wonderful testimonial for us which I’d like to share here:

“We would like to thank you and your team for our special day. From when you met us the day before to go through all the proceedings and putting up with us at a time when we were both stressed out beyond belief, you made everything seem easy and it was one less thing for us to worry about knowing we were in good hands. Your enthusiasm and energy carried us through the wedding and all our guests said how great you were plus the fact you were carrying a ‘mini me’ in your tummy.

The impromptu photo shoot after the tea ceremony for me was unexpected but we are so grateful you did this for us and it has made our day even more memorable.

The slide show for dinner which was made in such a short time still has my mum in tears and you captured Doreen’s amazing beauty which made me so proud to be her husband (you also made me look good in a couple of pictures which must make you a miracle worker).

Again a big THANK YOU from us, you and your team were brilliant. ”

Tim and Doreen

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Wedding Video Highlight: Roger & Cheryl

It was a beautiful day to get married at Passion Road. Tears rolled, hugs were given and laughter filled the air. Heartfelt, handwritten vows were uttered by Roger and Cheryl… deep down, our own hearts swelled with love. This is why we do what we do. To record moments like these…

Roger & Cheryl’s Wedding Highlights from Stories on Vimeo.

View their wedding photos here.

“We are very very happy with how the same day edit pictures and video turned out. The way your team worked on our wedding day was truly impressive and very professional. We especially want to thank you for the energy and enthusiasm that you brought to the shoot, the way that you were directing us on how to pose and your creative ideas really shows in the pictures. We sometimes forget that you are pregnant and i think sometimes you forget too, when you were moving furniture and items out of the shots. The level of commitment that we have seen from you and your team in order to get the best shot is truly amazing, from your team being exposed to the heat and rays of the sun, to lying down on the floor or grass to get the best angles, to scouting for the best spots, and directing us not so photogenic people to look good in your shots.

On behalf of Roger, he would also like to say thanks for your patience during the shoots. As he was quite tense but you were always there to remind him to smile and relax.  

We cannot express how much we love the same day edit photos and how much we appreciate the hard work that your team have put in.”

– Cheryl – 


Videography: Euwing & Win Nee
Photographers: Grace, Mark & Weiming
Location: Passion Road, KL
Wedding gown & shoes: Pretty in White
Evening gown & bridesmaid’s dresses: Cotton Fancies
Groom’s attire: Domanchi
Make up & hair: Aivy Yong
Decorations & Flowers: Passion Road
Stationery: DIY
Cake: Dolce

Testimony: Stephen & Andrea

My parents have just flipped through our album and they were just as blown away as we were! Thank you for the beautiful photos, it meant a lot to me to capture pieces of my island even though I haven’t lived there in over a decade. They blew us away…

Saw your post on the website and we couldn’t be more excited for you! Congratulations and we wish you and your hubby (Mr Grace :) ) all the very best.

Andrea & Stephen Takac

(View their portraits taken at the E&O and Peranakan Mansion, Penang here)

* An excerpt from Stephen & Andrea’s album layout

Testimonial: Amy & Enoch

Dear Grace and The Team,

We don’t know where to begin to thank you.  You and your team did such an amazing job that not only did we think so, but every one of my family and friends would agree.  You and your team are extremely talented and you exceeded our expectation on every level.

Diane, thanks for setting up everything including all the necessary paperwork and arrangement for our day.

Not forgetting Johan for cranking up jokes and making the photo session merrier for everyone.  We loved our photographers for the day, even every one is talking about how wonderful these photographers we had.  Grace, even though you are pregnant..  and assigned us a third photographer, we felt that it is very professional of you to help us capturing all the great moments of the day and all the hard work that you put in making that day unforgettable for us.   We were sort of a little worry for you as you trying so hard capturing some of the great moments for us in the church.  Make sure you take it slow in your upcoming photo shooting..

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for providing us with such beautiful memorabilia of our most precious day of our lives,  erm.. even though we didn’t have a chance to glance through our photos yet… and every one is asking for it already!!!!

It was a day when we were both too nervous to notice anyone or anything around us, but we hope that the photos you have will re-create our world on that day for us – the wonderful people we love, the detail of each session, and the scenic views around us..will help us remember our special day.

Thank you for capturing our wedding day with your creativity, your attention to detail, and your love in such professional manner.  Your service was very professional and we will definitely recommend your service to all our family and friends.

Thank you again for all your work and dedication in making our wedding day so wonderful!

– Amy & Enoch –