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How To Make A DIY Notebook With Old Photos

Remember the days where you would print out all your photos – even the most random ones? Well, if they’re still around – don’t throw them! Use them to make a DIY notebook! And if you have tons of scrap paper lying around – especially the ones that were only used on one side – this DIY hack will help you save some trees.

Some people cut them in half to create a raw notepad like this:

But why not take it a step further, and personalise your notebook so it looks more like this one below?

Here’s what you need:

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Take your photos off-screen!

Great photos are meant to be shared. Other than uploading them on Facebook and blogs, they should be shared in its’ most traditional form- in print. For me, I find that I am more likely to turn the pages of a ready physical photo album than to access the soft copies from my computer.

In light of that, I would like to show you a quick way to make a simple photo album. They are great as little gifts for your loved ones or simply for keeps. For this simple tutorial, I will be making a pocket-sized photo album, featuring some of my favourite Instagram photos.

Oh, by the way, did you know that Instagram is now available on Android phones as well? :)

You will need:

– A4 sized craft paper. Any colour you might like!
*Tip: If you are going to use cardboard, please note that it is slightly more challenging to fold as they are thick.

– 6 of your favourite photos.

– A blade, cutting board and a ruler.

– Double-sided tape for the insides. (optional)

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