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awan mulan

Pre-Wedding at Awan Mulan: Boon Hui & Alice

It was in Aberdeen, Scotland, amongst a small group of 10 people that Boon Hui got to know Alice. They had been in the same university in Malaysia for 2.5 years… but somehow didn’t really notice one another. Over study breaks and social gatherings, they got close to one another, but as Boon Hui says, he was pretty dense. Because he didn’t know that Alice had harboured feelings for him, despite her dropping LOADS of hints to him.

Finally, she got through to him, and one night in 2007, he asked her whether she’d be his girl. No words needed to be said as she took his hand and walked with him back to the apartment.

The relationship was challenged when they had to go through 3 years of long distance relationship after Alice came back to Malaysia. Every year, they would meet at a beautiful location and have a trip together but it was really difficult being apart physically.

One day, Alice discovered she had to go through a major operation to remove a tumour. He flew back to support her, and that really touched her so much, knowing that he would be there no matter what.

A long distance relationship is difficult in the first place. But to go through illness… well, I think relationships that endure such challenges will endure through the years. I am so pleased that Weiming and I could just catch a glimpse of their love through these images in such a beautiful setting.



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