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Dancing Around KL City Centre

As a Canon EOS ambassador, I get to test out the new EOS R5 and a few lenses, namely the RF 15-35mm f2.8 and 85mm f2.0 macro. I contacted my friend, Joanna Koleth, who is an amazing dance-artist, and some other amazing vendors who made this shoot happen. Soon, we were doing jumps around KL city centre. This shoot is part of a bigger project, one that involves a few other photographers. But that is yet to be revealed. The theme of the shoot revolves around this word, Harmony.

When conceptualizing the shoot, I thought about this word and what it means to me. A quick Google search revealed the meaning of harmony as “the state of being in agreement or concord.” As a Malaysian, I truly desire a state where the people in our land can live in harmony with each other. Our country is full of culture and heritage, and we’ve gone through good and bad seasons since celebrating our independence in 1957.

Learning how to balance our diversity with unity is not easy. Harmony is not just an outward appearance of accepting each other, it’s respecting each individual as they are. It’s also about merging old and new mindsets so that we can grow as a nation.

It’s a delicate dance.

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Pre-Wedding at Sekeping Tenggiri: Eu Jin & Elaine

Dear Grace and team,

We LOVED the photos..and we don’t know where to begin to thank you and your team for the amazing job.

Grace, thanks for guiding us throughout the whole photo shooting session, and not forgetting the jokes which made the session less tense, but more fun! Despite that you’re pregnant, you worked your best to capture every moment of that day.

Diane, Thanks for organizing everything for us and you have never failed to be there to answer my questions. And also setting up appointments with Grace and Skyping with Eu Jin when he was in Singapore.

We could never thank you enough and the DVD Slideshow is LOVELY. The song suits us very much.

Your work has exceeded our expectation and we would like to thank you and your team from the bottom of our hearts for capturing these beautiful photos for us. We hope to have more photo session with stories….Hmmm maybe maternity shoots…or baby shoots…hehheh

With Love,

Elaine + Eu Jin

Dear Elaine and Eu Jin,

The both of you have been really fun clients, and now I can pretty much say, friends! Despite the rain, we had heaps of fun during this pre-wedding shoot! I still remember meeting Elaine for the first time and you telling me how you wanted to have fun shots like ‘hitting’ Eu Jin on the head with your ballet slippers… :) We didn’t quite do that, but yeah, we did do a number of silly things including a pillow fight, a dance contest, running on the streets with your silly looking alien kite.. haha…

It’s people like you who make me feel young all the time… and smitten all at the same time, believing in the power of love!

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It’s a MadWorld out there…

Life, as they say, is unpredictable. One day, you could be traveling to work, as usual, stopping by the local bakery to buy your favourite muffin, and the next day, a tragedy like 9-11 happens. In a world where catastrophe happens on an almost daily basis, how are we to make sense of it all? Have we become numb to the things that are going on out there?

Or do I only care about where I will be having dinner tonight… sushi or Italian? Whether to buy Coach or LV? Which movies to watch, what to do after work…?

I know that it’s impossible to lead a completely self-less life, but I am constantly challenged to do things that matter in life. Whether it is volunteering to take photos at a HIV institution, cleaning people’s homes after the tsunami, or just feeding an old lady in a home… I believe that every action counts.

And so, the message in MadWorld really resonates with my soul. This amazing dance & song choreography, performed by talented individuals is the joint production between two churches – SIBKL & DUMC. The production raises this long debated question… “What indeed is the worth of our souls?”

The energy and passion that is in this production is truly inspiring. I know for a fact that the performers have sacrificed hours and hours of their time practicing for this production, debuting this 3rd of December in DUMC. The event is open to all and entrance is free.

A month ago, the performers, creative team, band members and many others gathered in an abandoned house in KL for a photo shoot. It was a challenging shoot for me, as I had to evoke the right kind of emotion through the images, which would be used for all marketing materials and brochures. Check out the poster below for the performance times, or visit the official MadWorld website.

The singers

The dancers

The four main cast – Adam, Lucas, Pearly and Sinister

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